Professional Service with a Personal Touch
Showing Your Home

Our office will handle all the calls for agents wishing to show your home to prospective buyers. Our main goal is showing your home to as many of these buyers as possible and keeping disruptions to your life as low as possible. The following choices are available for showing:

1. We will call you personally for each showing and you arrange to be home or make arrangements for entry to the property.

2. We put a lock box on your home. A lock box will hang on your front or back door that contains a key to the house.

  • We call you each time an agent calls us to make sure the time is okay, giving you positive confirmation.
  • We call to let you know appointments are set. You can then call us back only if this is not a good time. (We will confirm all appointments to knock first and use lock box.)
  • The house is vacant and the lock box can be used at any time.
  • Other

Once you choose a method for showings, you have the option of changing it just by letting us know.

Selling your house is a priority with us and Jordan Realtors®. Showing your house often and easily will help sell.